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Our trainers are available for you at both Brunswick Gym and Bangalow Gym.

If you have specific health issues, or are new to the gym environment or need some guidance to reach your fitness goals personal training could be just what you need. A one off session or weekly sessions could help you meet and assist you with achieving your fitness goals.

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Brunswick and Bangalow GYMs professionals trainers and group fitness Instructors will support you in your way to become healthier and happier

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Our Trainers



I have 14 years industry experience in Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning for Team Sports

Prior experience: Tonga National Rugby Union Strength coach (Tonga A and Tonga 7’s) Tonga High Performance Sport Academy Strength Coach,  Monkey Gym Canberra Strength and Flexibility Instructor and personal trainer. I enjoy bodysurfing and touch football in my downtime.


Bachelor of Exercise Science,  Bachelor of Business , Australian Strength & Conditioning Level 2,  Certificate IV in Fitness ,  Functional Movement Screen Certified , Stretch Therapy Teacher, ACE Boxing trainer. 


Body composition, Strength training (body weight, gymnastics, traditional), Mobility and flexibility programming,  Sports specific strength and conditioning,  Outdoor natural movement training , Postural and functional movement screening, Small group training, strength training for women and seniors.



I Studied my cert III & IV in Fitness at the Human
Performance Centre
at the beginning of 2016. Having the latest
knowledge in fitness, I have been able to help people reach their
goals and fitness potential. In my down time I enjoy playing soccer for
Shores United. I am a team player, committed community member
and motivated personal trainer eager to take on any client
and opportunity.


Active Kids Trainer

Advanced Nutrition I

Boxing for Fitness

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Female Specific Training


BodyBar & Cardio Box classes

Resistance and strength training

Planning and delivering gym and group exercise programs

Kristy Personal Trainer



Kristy is a qualified Personal Trainer and also teaches Group Fitness here at Bruns Gym
and is registered with Fitness Australia.

Kristy applies intuitive, functional training methods with efficient programming to build strength in your body.
She is approachable and driven to inspire, lead and push you to your own goals in your body and training.

Special interests:
Aqua Training, Strength Training, Weight loss, Transformations
Older Adults, Sciatica, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Injury Rehabilitation

 Registration current: No 119199


Cert IV Personal Training, Cert III Fitness


Kristy attended Filex Fitness Industry Conference in 2017 in Sydney, participating in
AquaStrength, Training for Glutes, The Psychology of Fat Loss and Cycle Warrior.

In her mid-30s, a surfer, cyclist and active outdoors person, since having children
Kristy has proudly established Hiking Mums Northern Rivers, a hiking group for mothers and
children which now has over 250 local members, exploring the region by foot.

Kristy has herself lost 36 kilograms in the last four years and now maintains a healthy weight. She understands the challenges in weight loss both physical and mental  and has many
tricks up her sleeve to keep you on the wagon and powering towards your goals.
She has over 14 years of experience strength training in gyms.