Frequently Asked Questions


All memberships allows you to access both gyms unless otherwise specified in your contract when you join.

Yes we do, contact us for more info.

You are required to be 14 years or older to join on a membership and we require a guardian signature on your contract and a Pre-exercise questionnaire.

If you have joined on a Direct Debit Membership, You can update all your personal details through Debit Success by calling 1800 148 848 or you can also contact us and we can do that on your behalf. If you are a Member that pays Upfront, simply call us and we will update the details for you.

Yes they do, the expiry is 3 months after purchase. 

Yes, we have 3 day trials, this applies to local residents only, and an ID with your local address needs to be shown to take advantage of this offer, it is for 3 consecutive days and the cost is $20.

Gym Etiquette

Yes, all equipment must be put back after use.

Yes,  we require all gym users to have a towel, no towel no train is one of our gym rules.

This is to ensure the hygiene of the gym for all members.

We also have Hand Sanitizers at both gyms located at the reception area, we recommend you use the hand sanitizer before and after your workout.

General Gym

You can purchase another access tag during our opening hours.

We do recommend that if you want to get the best from your gym experience to book in with a Personal Trainer. The cost for Personal Training is $60/hour for members and $70/hour for non-members. The Personal Trainer will show you how to use any equipment and write a program for you. Contact us for more info.

Our Personal Trainers and Class Instructors are ready to help you throughout your fitness journey.

We recommend to make a booking with a Personal Trainer, this will give you support, motivation, safety, technique, supervision and a direction towards reaching your goal.

We require that you seek guidance from you GP or appropriate allied health professional for clearance to exercise and bring a copy of a doctor’s clearance prior to starting to exercise.


Yes, all classes need to be booked post COVID-19. The booking link can be found under timetable on our website.

Any member who does not arrive to the class within the first 5 minutes after the class has started will not be allowed entry.

This is an effort to ensure our members safety and create consistency. 

One of the most important aspects of working out is a proper warm-up with instructions on how to execute the class. This happens in the first five minutes of class.

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