Our sauna is an Infrared Sauna that is included in all gym memberships. If you are not a member and still wish to use the sauna, please pay $10 per person for each 30 minute session at reception.

This sauna uses LIGHT to create HEAT, remember that it is the Infrared Light that heals not the sweat, unlike a “sweat” sauna, in an infrared sauna you will detoxify at lower temperatures. We endeavor to warm up the sauna prior to your arrival, however, if the sauna is below 45°C, let it warm up while you are in there, as the infrared is already on a cycle. Once it reaches the max temperature, the heaters short cycle off and on.

The sauna bookings can be booked for 1 hour which can be a private booking or shared with a friend. Please make the booking twice if booking for 1 hour, all bookings are in 30 minute intervals. You may cancel or amend the booking online at any time by staying logged in, or logging back in and making the changes online.

PLEASE ENSURE that you check your email to confirm the correct time you selected, if your email confirmation shows a different time please contact us immediately on 6685 1794.