If you have specific health issues, or are new to the gym environment or need some guidance to reach your fitness goals personal training could be just what you need. A one off session or weekly sessions could help you meet and assist you with achieving your fitness goals.


Personal Trainer
BACKGROUND: I Studied my cert III & IV in Fitness at the Human Performance Centre at the beginning of 2016. Having the latest knowledge in fitness, I have been able to help people reach their goals and fitness potential. In my down time I enjoy playing soccer for Shores United. I am a team player, committed community member and motivated personal trainer eager to take on any client and opportunity. EDUCATION: Active Kids Trainer, Advanced Nutrition I, Boxing for Fitness, Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Female Specific Training. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: BodyBar & Cardio Box classes, Resistance and strength training, Planning and delivering gym and group exercise programs.


Personal Trainer
Elizabeth brings the mind to muscle technique to Bruns Gym. Discover integrated Body/Mind awareness. To create a synthesis of physical and mental strength and bring renewed sense of inspiration and confidence into your life. Qualifications: Certificate III & IV in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training Bachelor of Human Movement Science Bachelor of Education ( Secondary) Aqua Instructor Barbell Level 1 Certificate IV Advanced Yoga


Personal Trainer
Andrew uses his own experience and qualifications to help clients build strong foundations that is built for progression. Interests are correcting lifting techniques, injury prevention, rehab all in a fun and educational environment. Qualifications: - Certificate III & IV in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training - Working with children - First & CPR - Studying Osteopathy


Personal Trainer
Hi I’m Luarne, I am super excited to be here at Bruns & Banaglow gym. I am so passionate about woman's fitness, their growing confidence with themselves & also working on their mental health which is big factor in my training. I look forward to working with you and helping you find your love for fitness and yourself. Qualifications: - Certificate III & IV in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training - Female & Children’s specifics - Nutrition - Plyometric training - Body Band training