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Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers can design safe and effective fitness programs for your personal fitness goals. Whether you need a program or more consistent personal training sessions, our trainers are there to help you out. Get started by booking in with one of our trainers today!



Elizabeth brings the mind to muscle technique to BrunsGym. Discover integrated body/mind awareness. To create a synthesis of physical and mental strength and bring renewed sense of inspiration and confidence into your life.

Qualifications: Certificate III & IV Fitness Instructing & Personal Training, Bachelor of Human Movement Science, Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Aqua Instructor, Barbell Level 1, Certificate IV Advanced Yoga.


Luarne is super excited to be here at BrunsGym, she is passionate about woman’s fitness, their growing confidence with themselves and also working on their mental health which is a big factor in her training. She looks forward to helping people find their love for fitness and themselves.

Qualifications: Certificate III & IV Fitness Instructing & Personal Training, Female & Children’s specific training, Nutrition, Plyometric training, Body Band training.


Having the latest knowledge in fitness, Max has been able to help people reach their goals and fitness potential. In his down time Max enjoys playing soccer for Shores United, he is a team player, committed community member and motivated personal trainer eager to take on any client and opportunity.

Qualifications: Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Active Kids Trainer, Advanced Nutrition 1, Boxing for fitness, Female specific training, Body Bar & Cardio Box classes, Strength Training.

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