If you have specific health issues, or are new to the gym environment or need some guidance to reach your fitness goals personal training could be just what you need. A one off session or weekly sessions could help you meet and assist you with achieving your fitness goals.


Personal Trainer
BACKGROUND: I Studied my cert III & IV in Fitness at the Human Performance Centre at the beginning of 2016. Having the latest knowledge in fitness, I have been able to help people reach their goals and fitness potential. In my down time I enjoy playing soccer for Shores United. I am a team player, committed community member and motivated personal trainer eager to take on any client and opportunity. EDUCATION: Active Kids Trainer, Advanced Nutrition I, Boxing for Fitness, Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Female Specific Training. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: BodyBar & Cardio Box classes, Resistance and strength training, Planning and delivering gym and group exercise programs.


Personal Trainer
Elizabeth brings the mind to muscle technique to Bruns Gym. Discover integrated Body/Mind awareness. To create a synthesis of physical and mental strength and bring renewed sense of inspiration and confidence into your life. Qualifications: Certificate III & IV in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training Bachelor of Human Movement Science Bachelor of Education ( Secondary) Aqua Instructor Barbell Level 1 Certificate IV Advanced Yoga


Personal Trainer
Hi I’m Luarne, I am super excited to be here at Bruns & Banaglow gym. I am so passionate about woman's fitness, their growing confidence with themselves & also working on their mental health which is big factor in my training. I look forward to working with you and helping you find your love for fitness and yourself. Qualifications: - Certificate III & IV in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training - Female & Children’s specifics - Nutrition - Plyometric training - Body Band training


Personal Trainer
Ruby is an experienced fitness instructor with knowledgeable training in teaching and programming personal training and group sessions. She enjoys inspiring others to achieve long-term health and fitness goals. - Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Currently studying) - Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment (Currently studying) -Certificate 4 in fitness sport and recreation - Personal Trainer Certificate - Certificate 3 in Fitness - CrossFit Level 1 - Certificate, Weightlifting Instructor - Certificate, Crossfit Kids Instructor - Certificate, MetaFit instructor - Certificate Boxing Level 1 & 2 - Level 1 gymnastics coach


Personal Trainer
Physical movement has always been my passion. I started on this journey from the age of fifteen, attending my first gym session here in Byron Bay. I specialize in high intensity workouts that focus on good form, mental focus and healthy habits. The combination of mental and physical well being definitely underpins my fitness ethos. It means I work realistically with my clients on their goals, educating them on taking their time so healthy habits are built holistically, right from the start. Qualifications: Person Training Cert iii/iv/v First Aid Certificate Working with Children Check Mental Health First Aid Certificate Weight Training Spin Class Facilitator HIIT Facilitator Boxing Class Facilitator Long Distance Running